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Why Syndicate?

Why should you consider syndicating your content?

Syndication is a fantastic way to not only get your content out there and exposed to brand new audiences, but it is ALSO a really great way to get more links to your content on different domains.

Links are what makes the google world turn ’round, and are pretty much like internet gold.

Because links are so powerful, you want to make sure you are using them correctly.

When you syndicate your content somewhere else:

Before giving permission or submitting your site for syndication, make sure that the site is going to link you with do-follow links, and even better, using the rel=canonical link structure.

Here at Big Batch Recipes, I do BOTH. You’ll always get a rel=canonical link that will tell Google your content is the one with the authority, and is the original source of the content. I’ll also maintain up to 3 other links to your site inside of your content, if they are included in the portion I’m syndicating.

When you syndicate someone else’s content on your site:

Always always always GET PERMISSION. Just like with photos in roundups, you need permission in order to share copyrighted content, and all content is copyrighted by the content creator automatically.

Be a decent human being – say something nice about the content creator, encourage your readers to click through to their site, and use proper linking! You are helping to form people’s opinion of syndication. Take that responsibility seriously.

If you share the recipe on social, tag the content creator’s social accounts in the posts. It is an extra nice thing you can do to help credit their amazing original work. If you use a tool like CoSchedule, you can do this really easily and always have those handles handy.